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Here's what people are saying about Nourishment Notes:

"Nourishment Notes brings empowerment and guidance on those days that feel that all has failed and the way is lost – it opens a new wave of thought process in positivity and gives wisdom in embracing and understanding life."

- Ana, founder of the Q Youth Foundation

"I have always personally appreciated and enjoyed the way you have used your blog to create a healthy and positive atmosphere.  In a world of negative messages, what you provide your readers is essential nourishment indeed!"

- Chris, author of Learning To See From The Blind

"As a grad student, Nourishment Notes has been a cheerleader of sorts, giving me bits of wisdom to ponder, ways to go about life more positively, and encouragement me to keep on going."

- Leigh Ann

"Nourishment Notes provides an instant inspiration or encouragement to make today a great day. It's an awesome reminder to not only motivate ourselves, but others too. The world needs some positivity sprinkled into their daily life!"

- Genise

Nourishment Notes has been featured on BuzzFeed.

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