Don’t Just Be Alive; Truly Live.

Photo Credit: Jon Phillips
Being alive isn’t the same as living. Don’t get me wrong, being alive is a good thing, but  you’re simply existing. You’re in a state of being physically conscious, but the concept of “living” is something else. 

Living is fully experiencing life. It’s an active state of being. It’s being aware of your presence in the world and with the people around you. It’s experiencing your surroundings and engaging with your friends, family, and everyone else in your life. 

Smell the flowers, but also smell the trees and everything you can sense in the air. Feel the warmth of from the sunlight and the cool touch from the breeze. Taste the flavors that life has to offer you.

Be with people. Engage with them. Be present with them. Listen. Spend time and share space with the ones that matter to you.

Challenge yourself to be your true self. 

Truly living life is a challenge. Every day, I try to actively live versus just being alive. It’s hard. Sometimes I fail because it’s easier to just stay in my comfort zone or make excuses for myself. Sometimes I slip, and it’s okay if you do too sometimes. The important thing is to keep trying.

And when you do try, try with full intention. Try your best and try your hardest. I don’t think I’ve ever fully lived a day of my life to its full potential, and that’s okay. That’s my daily challenge. That’s my goal that motivates me every day.  


Roderick Conwi is the Executive Editor at Nourishment Notes. He is also the author of The Procrastinator's Quick Guide To Getting It Done. To get powerful insights that enhance your day, join his free newsletter.

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