A World of Possibilities Wait for You Outside Your Comfort Zone

Photo: Asaf R
If you want a life you’ve never had, you’ll have to do things you’ve never done before. You’ll have to grow to be an evolved version of yourself that is putting yourself on that path. 

There’s nothing wrong with you being in your comfort zone. Your quality of life will stay consistent. If you stay there, your life will stay similar to how it is right now. If that’s what you want, that’s great. 

But if that’s not what you want, you’ll need to do something; it won’t happen automatically. You’ll need to be courageous and take action that you’re not used to. 

Going outside your comfort zone can take many forms. It may be applying for a different job, moving to a place that has more opportunities, or going back to school. It can be as small as trying something new or as big as reaching out to someone for help. Change can be scary, but to improve your lifestyle, it’s necessary. 

The life you’ve always dreamed of is waiting for you just outside your comfort zone. 

Roderick Conwi is the Executive Editor at Nourishment Notes. He is also the author of The Procrastinator's Quick Guide To Getting It Done. To get powerful insights that enhance your day, join his free newsletter.

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