Strength Comes in Various Forms

Photo by Adam Walker on Unsplash
A few days ago, a friend of my spouse came over to hang out with her. They chit chatted a lot about what friends usually chat about, and later on I joined the conversation. 

We were talking about the people in our lives, and for some reason, she made some comments about me not being a strong person. I forgot exactly what she said (probably a defense mechanism), but I felt a little insulted. 

Then I had to remind myself one important thing: she barely knows me. Even though I’ve known her for years, she still has no idea who I really am. Maybe because I’m outwardly cool, calm, and have a sense of humor, that it didn’t fit her stereotypical view of what a strong person was. 

I am friendly, I am kind, and I am understanding. But when the situation calls for it, I am assertive, tough, and direct. I may not always feel like it, but I do consider myself very strong.

Strength comes in many forms. It comes in the form of a person dealing with depression who gets up and faces the challenges of everyday life. It looks like someone who decides to battle cancer. It looks like vulnerability. It looks like someone speaking up when something is unjust. Strength looks like confidence in yourself and your abilities.  

Strength is you being the very best version of you.

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