Success Comes From Within

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In order to be successful, you’re going to have to want it. It won’t happen by accident. 

You’ll need to want it bad enough to make choices that get you closer to your goals. You’ll have to choose to do whatever it takes to get closer and closer to your goals. You’ll have to choose to put in time and effort. No one else can make these choices for you.

This internal motivation is the fuel you need to get closer to your goals. There are many other factors, but that internal fire/desire is one key to your success. 

When I was in college, there were many moments that I found challenging and felt overwhelmed. I knew that no one else was going to study for me or do my schoolwork for me.  I had to do it myself. As much as I didn’t want to do it, I wanted to succeed even more. I wanted to graduate. I wanted a career. I wanted a lot more than what I had.

That desire got me through the tough times. That desire got me through the feelings of frustration. It got me through all the challenging coursework, and eventually, to graduation. 

Internal motivation doesn’t just apply to school. It applies to your career, family life, and everything else in life. How much you are able to internally motivate yourself is a huge factor in your success.

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