A Little “Thank You” Goes a Long Way

Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash
As a parent, I try to instill good habits in my kids so that they (hopefully) become respectful and respectable adults. Whenever someone gives them something (like a present) or does something nice for them (like a favor), I want them to always respond by saying, “Thank you.”

By saying “thank you,” you are showing other people respect and gratitude. You are recognizing that someone did something nice on your behalf and are showing that you appreciate it.

Inversely, by not saying “thank you,” you are being rude, self-centered, and entitled. I have very little respect for people who consistently don’t say “thank you.” It’s not that hard.

Saying “thank you” is easy. It takes less than a second to say, and the more you mean it, the more powerful your words are. It’s a simple act of gratitude that can spread positive vibes all around.

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