Why You Need to Be One Step Ahead of Your Competition

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“The successful person has the habit of doing the things that failures don’t like to do. The successful person doesn’t like doing them either, but his dislike is subordinated to the strength of his purpose.”
- E.M. Gray

I’m going to tell you one secret to success: be one step ahead of your competition. That means you need to be willing to work harder than everyone else. That means you should be thinking smarter than everyone else. It means that you must be more disciplined and determined than everyone else.

Being one step ahead of everyone else gives you a competitive advantage. You’re the first to try out things, whether it’s a new piece of technology or a new strategy.

Being ahead also gives you a time advantage because you have more time to do your task well, or if you mess up, you have more time to recover. In the competitive world, having more time is a competitive advantage over having less.

In any competition, being one or more steps ahead of your opponents is an advantage. If you put in more effort than your competition, you’ll be ahead. If you’re willing to do what everyone else isn’t, that’s your competitive edge. If you put in more time (and use that time wisely), then you’ll have the advantage over the competition. Like I discussed earlier, if you have more time than everyone else, they’re at a disadvantage. If you work smarter than your opponents, then your strategy will be ahead of the rest.

Not only will being ahead of your competition gives you an advantage, it propels you closer towards success.

Roderick Conwi is a professional development coach and writes at Nourishment Notes about lifestyle development. He is also the author of The Procrastinator's Quick Guide To Getting It Done. To get powerful insights that enhance your day, join his free newsletter.

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