You Have a Voice; Use It!

Photo Credit: Nodar Chernishev / CC0 1.0
You have a voice inside of you. Don't be afraid to use it. Embrace that thing inside you that is screaming, "I want out!"

Speak up. Speak out. Speak honestly and speak from your heart.

Be loud. Use your voice proudly.

Speak for yourself. Speak for others. Speak out for those whose voices aren't heard.

Speak freely, but speak with care. Speak with love and compassion. Whenever possible, speak with facts and with passion.

Speak TO others, not AT others. Contribute to conversations about things that matter.

Raise your voice for what is right. Your voice was meant to be used this way. If you have to, shout. If you really have to, whisper. Speak through the silence.

Silence is how things don't change for the better. Silence is how people become content. Silence isn't how justice happens.

Shout. Speak. Whisper. Let your voice be heard.
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