If You've Always Wanted To Write, Go Write!

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Every once in a while, people tell me that they've always wanted to write. Most don't want to do anything serious - just for fun. They want to write poetry, short stories, or even a novel. If that's you, I say go for it!

There isn't a perfect time. I'm going to tell you a BIG secret in the writing world: you don't have to wait for inspiration to write. If you do, you may have to wait forever. Write right now. You make it happen.

If you don't think you're good enough, who cares? Right now, it's just for you. It's an outlet for you to let out your thoughts, ideas, your feelings, and anything else you'd like to process. It's for you to unleash your inner-self. Let yourself go.

Your first draft isn't going to perfect. Most things never are. Writing, just like life, is a big work in progress. "Perfect" is almost impossible to attain; but being "finished" is. Done is better than perfect.

Go ahead, write a journal. Capture your inner-most thoughts on paper and reflect on how you've been. Think of it as a time capsule for your stream of consciousness.

Go ahead, write poetry. Capture the beauty of this world and pack them into words, lines, and stanzas. Make people wonder and exercise their imaginations.

If you must, go write a novel. Write your autobiography or any other story worth telling. Make it worth it for people to read it. Tell a story of how something came to be, or how good overcame evil, or how love won above all. Write a story that highlights life in a different light. Craft something wonderful with your words.

Write. Edit. Rewrite. Live. Write more. Live your life so that you have something amazing to write about.

Roderick Conwi is a professional development coach and writes at NourishmentNotes.com about lifestyle development. He is also the proud parent of two silly boys. To get powerful insights that enhance your day, join his free newsletter.

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