There Are No Limits To Your Value

Photo Credit: Niantic
If you play Pokemon Go, you may have heard of "IV," which stands for "Individual Value." It's nowhere mentioned in the game. There are n;umber rating each pokemon's Combat Power (CP), Health Power (HP), attack points, and weight and height. I've read many articles (not by Pokemon o Niantic) pointing out that these numbers are in no way any indication of a Pokemon's full potential capability, which is what IV is.

In order to find out a pokemon's IV, there are many 3rd party websites that calculate it. You have to enter stats about your pokemon individually and get their results, which may be accurate (there is no way to be 100% sure).

Unlike pokemon, you don't have an IV. There is no way to fully measure your true hidden potential. What you're capable of is immeasurable.

You may be able to measure your current skill level at something specific (like your bowling or batting average), your current income, or your position on the corporate ladder. Even if you're low on certain skills (like math), there are two pieces of good news: you're more skilled in other things and with the right practice, you can get better at almost anything. So if you "suck at math," you're probably better at analyzing literature or mapping out the cardiovascular system, and by practicing simplifying trinomials, you can get better at it. Your math skills (and all your other skills) can be measured at the level they're at now, but are impossible to limit.

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