How and What You Think is Surprisingly More Important Than You May Think

Photo Credit: Austin Dixon / CC0 1.0
Have you ever heard of a “self-fulfilling prophecy”? In a nutshell, it’s what happens when you think something is going to happen, and by that thought being in your head, it consciously or subconsciously influences your actions to make it happen.
If you think you’re not smart, you’re mentally limiting yourself. By thinking that way, you’re avoiding tasks and/or opportunities that could lead to bigger opportunities. This type of thinking keeps you away from your goals and dreams.
On the flip side, if you think you’re smart, you’re putting yourself in a positive mentality. You’re not limiting yourself; you’re actually telling yourself that you can do things that require a certain level of intelligence. If you think you’re smart, you end up doing smart things, and end up having your lifestyle shift for the better.
That’s just not with being smart, it’s with everything you can literally think of. If you think you’re lazy, you’re going to act that way. If you envision yourself to be proactive, then you’re inevitably going to take more initiative.
In a way, that’s pretty cool. The idea that you can control your lifestyle by the way you think is pretty awesome.
Now that you know this, you should always think of yourself more positively. Be brave, be bold, and always be awesome.

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