Stop Thinking It's Impossible; Anything is Possible!

Photo Credit: Thersea Frazier / CC0 1.0
I want you to know that anything is possible in life, any-thing. There may be things that are highly improbable, but never impossible. Everything that has ever been achieved was previously impossible until someone dared to do it.
When you look at possibilities, you see potential of everything that can happen - even the potential for things that you haven’t even imagined of yet to happen.
Think of the internet. I wonder if people were dreaming of something like it 200 years ago. We’ll never know for sure, but I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that they didn’t dream of it as a possibility. Just because people back then didn’t think dream of its possibility mean it wasn’t possible for it to be a reality.
That’s how it was back then, and that’s how it is now. There are much more possibilities in this world than you or I can currently imagine.
There is a big difference between “impossible” and “improbable.” Impossible means that something can never ever be done. Improbable means that it’s unlikely, but still possible. An empowering thought you should always remember that nothing is impossible, just improbable. Some things are more improbable than others. 

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