One Powerful Way To Be Trustworthy

Photo Credit: Joanna Kosinska / CC0 1.0
Dear Kids,

Trust is a precious commodity. People both build it and lose it all the time. Sometimes you have to earn it. Almost all the time, you have to build it. I'm telling you this now when you're little so that you grow up being trustworthy and be adults that people genuinely trust.

Based on my decades of being alive on this planet, I can definitely tell you this: one powerful way to build trust is to keep your word.

Keeping your word means doing what you say, especially when no one else but you can hold you accountable. It means following through exactly how you say you will and meeting the deadline that is expected of you.

Keeping your word establishes your character. It builds you a reputation of integrity and honor. People will trust you to be their friends, groomsmen at weddings, bosses, business partners, and more. Flaky people who don't keep their promises don't get to have that.

You must consistently keep your word. If you do break it, (and it will happen once in a while unintentionally), apologize, remedy it, and move on. It'll make you a stronger person and might actually make your relationship with other people better.

Your word is your bond (with others). Keep it, always.


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