If You're a Parent, It's Not About You Anymore

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It's not about me anymore. Ever since I became a parent, my life has been all about my kids. They are now my main focus that all my goals fall under.

If I'm a good parent, that means that I've been successfully able to setup the foundation to do so.

If I'm a good dad, that means that I've been financially responsible enough to support my family. It means that I've been mature enough to be a good role model to them. It means that I've been organized and disciplined enough to manage my multiple responsibilities, especially taking care of them and their needs.

Deep in my heart, I want to be happy, but I care about my kids' happiness above my own. By helping them be happy, I simultaneously find happiness.

In our fast-food nation, I want my kids to lead healthy lives, but how can that be unless I exemplify that myself? How can they learn it unless I, one of their parents, teach them?

As much as I want to be successful, I won't consider successful unless my kids are also successful. Although my actions can't control or guarantee their success, I can influence them and increase their chances of being successful now and later on in life.

One of my professors in college, Dr. Danico, once told me that having kids is the most selfless act we can do because everything we do is all about our kids, not us. I didn't realize it at the time, but she was totally right.

Roderick Conwi writes at NourishmentNotes.com about lifestyle development and is a proud parent of a four year old who loves Lion Guard and a two year old who loves anything with wheels. To get powerful insights that enhance your day, join his free newsletter.

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