How To Get What You Want Out of Life

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Dear Kids,

Karma is real. Everything you do creates a chain reaction that affects everything around you, and ultimately you.

Everything you want in life is achievable, you just have to make it happen. Sometimes the path is obviously right in front of you. Sometimes it's there, just a little hard to see. Other times you just have to find a way.

It all starts with you. You need to make it happen. No one is more in charge of your life than you. Any change you want in your life must be initiated by you. Your successes and failures May be influenced by your background and circumstances, but it's influenced more by your choices, actions, and reactions to any given situation.

Here's the key: you need to give to others what you wish to have in your life.

If you want friends, be a friend. Be friendly. Be the friend to others that you'd like to be friends with. It's simple.

If you want to be happy, generate it yourself. Choose to be happy. Make that conscious choice. Help make other people happy. If they're already happy, you can always do something to make their day a little brighter.

If you want to be successful, you need to embody a persona of success. You need to help other people become successful and on that road, you will simultaneously build your own success.

In life, you give what you want to get.


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