Some Thoughts on Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

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Yesterday is a souvenir. It's a thing we hold in our pockets to remind us of what's important.

Yesterday is a lesson. It's a story that we can tell and retell as we please. It's a constant reminder of the lessons we needed to learn and all the experiences we needed to have in order to be right here, right now.

Yesterday is a balance. It needs to be both remembered and ignored. Remember the good memories. Remember the people who have been a positive influence in your life. Ignore the negativity. Ignore the cynics and the naysayers. Ignore whatever/whoever doesn't empower you; remember what/who does.

Today is here and now. It's where we live, eat, and play. Today is the only day you can fully experience what It's the only place where you can take action on anything. It's where you get to practice mindfulness. It's the moment from the future you've been waiting for. Today is the current pit stop the past has taken you to.

Today is the "present" that has been given to us. Not everyone gets this gift, so today is something that must be savored.

Tomorrow is an abyss full of promise. It bleeds hope. Tomorrow holds all the potential that will ever exist.

Tomorrow is where the best days of our lives are. It's where our best memories will be. Not to take anything away from the past and the present, but tomorrow can be better because of them.

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