Why Hope is Absolutely Necessary

Photo Credit: Antoine Beauvillian / CC0 1.0
"I hope, or I could not live."
- H. G. Wells

Life can be stressful. Life can be overwhelming. It can be just plain damn scary. The older you get, the easier it is for you to be jaded with this thing we call life.

Many times before, even I've felt hopeless. My mind wanted to think otherwise, but I felt this grief deep in my heart. I couldn't see past my current situation. Somehow, (just like you) I survived.

I undoubtedly believe that there is always hope. It's always there, for all of us, in every situation. It's easy to forget that it's there, but it is absolutely always around us. (Even right now.)

Hope is also inside all of us. It's embedded in our human nature. It's what drives us to look forward to the future. It's what keeps us going, especially when everything seems hopeless.

Hope is why we are here and why we keep going.

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