Simple Thoughts on Human Kindness

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Being kind is a simple thing. It's choosing to be virtuous. It's actively choosing to be compassionate and caring, especially when it's easier not to be. Trust me, it's not always easy, but it's always possible to be a decent human being.

Every time it's hard to be kind, that's exactly when it's important to be kind. Surprisingly, the harder it is to be kind, the more important it is to be kind. With that, the times that are the hardest to show kindness to others is when being kind is the most important thing you can do.

The times when we are most angry at life or at other people is when it is crucial to be kind and act out of kindness.

Acting out of anger offends others and demoralizes yourself. It undermines the basic human dignity of both you and others.  It's perfectly alright to be angry at other people, especially if you've been wronged. It's just that if you act out of anger, you most likely are going to make a decision you are going to regret. If you shift your efforts and act out of kindness and love, then it pushes you to be the better person in the situation. It brings out the lighter side of your human nature.

Although it sometimes does cost money to do kind things for others (like taking them out for food or a recreational activity), it doesn't cost a thing to be kind person. That's a beautiful thing. You don't need anyone's permission or any type of license to be kind. It's all a choice you make.

If you choose to be kind, you will act out of kindness, and as a result, you will have kindness surround you.

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