3 Easy (and FREE) Ways To Give Happiness

Happiness is a gift. Its something everyone deserves, but unfortunately, not everyone has. Having a happy life is what parents wish for their kids. Being happy is what couples wish for each other in their relationship. We are all capable of receiving happiness, but it's good to be reminded that we are definitely capable of generating happiness.

Based on my decades of life experience, here are the three easy (and free) ways you can spread happiness:

1. Give Your Presence

There is only one you in all of existence. Offering yourself in the form of friendship, companionship, or support is a selfless way to be for the benefit of others. Being physically there with someone shows that person that s/he is special and worthy enough of your presence.

Spending time with people is truly one of the best ways to make other people (and yourself) happy.

2. Give Your Time

The time that you have on this Earth is limited, and you can't spend every minute of it with everyone. When you spend time with people, you are showing them that you are actively choosing to spend your limited time with them, which truly is a gift. You could spend it in so many different ways, yet you chose to spend them with them. By giving your time, you are giving others something precious that you can never get back.

3. Give Your Attention

Nowadays with screens all over the place, giving someone your undivided and full attention is precious. It seems like everywhere I look, I see people on their smartphones, tablets, or some other type of screen and becoming more antisocial. To give someone all your mental focus is to give someone else all that you are. By listening to their stories, problems, or good news, it shows that what they have to say is important, and that they are important too.

Obviously, there are many more ways to give happiness to others, but these are simple enough for anyone (including you) to do on a daily basis. If more people in the world genuinely gave others their presence, time, and attention, the world would be a much happier place.
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