Procrastination Can't Be Cured; It Must Be Managed. I Can Show You How.

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I'll admit it. I'm a procrastinator. I've battled with it my entire life.

I unashamedly wait until the last minute. I use the growing pressure of the upcoming deadline to power through at the end.

When it comes to dealing with procrastination, I'm a pro. Both in high school and college, I would start and finish my projects the same day that they were due. I (almost) always got a good grade.

To be entirely honest, I never could "fix" or cure myself of my procrastination: I had to learn how to manage it. As time went by, I got better and better at it. Through each battle, I learned tons of tips, tricks, and mind hacks along the way.

Now it's all in a book.

If you need to get things done, this is for you.

If procrastination is getting in your way, this is DEFINITELY for you.

Click here to get your copy of The Procrastinator's Quick Guide to Getting It Done, now.

You shouldn't procrastinate. Pre-order your copy now for $0 or Pay-What-You-Want. (If you want to pay $100, I'd greatly appreciate it.) The price goes up to regular price at launch on Thursday, August 6th.

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