Why You Should Go the Extra Mile

Photo Credit: lizzie guilbert / CC0 1.0
“There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.”
- Roger Staubach

More often than not, going the extra mile helps in your personal and professional goals. “Going the extra mile” means putting in the extra time and effort to get ahead. Sometimes it also gives you a competitive advantage.

This is something you should only practice wisely. Be aware of your limits. Burnout is no bueno. Don’t overwork yourself into physical exhaustion. Make time to maintain your relationships with your family and friends. Make sure you have enough “gas” to go the extra mile.

When you are more organized and practice productive habits, going the extra mile is easier. You are capable of getting more accomplished in a set amount of time (for example: an 8 hour work day). Being willing to do more than you’re supposed takes you down a road that most people don’t take.

It may be the less traveled road, but it definitely makes the difference.

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