What Life is Meant To Be

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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."
--Helen Keller

Life isn't meant to be boring. It's meant to be an exhilarating adventure filled with wonder, passion, and happiness. It's meant to have excitement. Each day is something that is packed with potential, adventure, and mystery. Anything can happen, especially good things. 

Of course there will be daunting days.  They'll be rough. They may be depressing. It may look like all hope is lost. The good news is that it's only temporary; it gets better. 

Each day is inherently neutral. It's neither automatically good nor bad. You make your own meaning out of it. 

The past is a story. It's the story of you. It's your story of how you came to be here. It's the story of why you are the way you are right now. It's the origin of who you are. 

This may seem obvious, but life is meant to be lived. You're meant to feel alive. The feeling is something like freedom bursting form the depths of your soul. It's that exciting feeling when you feel like you did some thing well or an outcome went your way. 

The cool part about life is that you're in charge of your own. You get to make the decisions that affect your life. You get to make your life better or worse. You get to live your own adventure. By your thoughts and choices, you get to make it all happen.

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