You Have Dreams. Now is the Time To Go for It!

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Do it. That thing you always wanted to do. Get started. Now. This is the time to finally do it.

If you don't do it now, you may never do it. Ever. "Someday" isn't a day of the week. If it's going to happen, you NEED to start today. 

If you want to write, write. Be a writer. You can't be a writer unless you write (duh). It's simply common sense. You can do it. 

Let go. Let the words flow. You can silence the nay-saying voices that say otherwise. 

If they tell you that you can't, I'm telling you that you can. You have everything inside of you to create a masterpiece. The hardest thing sometimes is getting started. 

Let your heart out. Let your voice sing. Write about what YOU want. This is your space to be selfish. It could be about YOU, YOUR ideas, YOUR beliefs, or anything entirely different. (Pretty much whatever you feel like.) Tell me your vision of the world and what it could be. 

Put the pen to paper. Don't worry about typos or editing (for now), that can all be taken care of later.

Tell me and I'll listen. Write it out and the whole world will listen. 

This is what you've wanted to do for a while. The urge is inside waiting to erupt.

I you don't want to write, produce your passion. If you want to be a teacher, don't wait. If you want to start a business, start planning today. Be bold and go for it.

The best gift you can give the world is being the you that you deeply dare of being.

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