To Be or Not To Be, This List is Arguably More Important than To-Do Lists

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To-Do Lists are pretty much everywhere you look nowadays. People have them for work, home, and other tasks that they need to get done (I wouldn't be surprised if some people out there have a "list of lists).

If you took a look at the Apple App Store, there are an overwhelming amount of productivity/To-Do List apps (3,180 at the time of this posting). There is definitely a demand for people to organize their tasks and responsibilities.

While it's good that we as a society are mindful of what we do (and need/want to do), it's more important to be mindful of who we are.

As crazy as it sounds, it makes sense for us to create "To-Be Lists."

Here's why.

"To be" is an intended state of being.It's the characteristic you choose to embody and practice. For example, if you intend "to be helpful," and commit to being helpful, then you inevitably do helpful things. Helpful people can't help but do things that are helpful. They think and act out of helpfulness because they are being helpful.

That's why focusing on being is more important than focusing on the doing.

Here's my example:

Knowing that I'm going to have a busy day filled with paperwork and deadlines, here's my To-Be List:

      To-Be List
  • Be Efficient
  • Be Courageous
  • Be Patient

Throughout the day, I need to be efficient with both my time and my effort. Being efficient increases my productivity and makes me more effective. Along with that, I need to be courageous to tackle the challenges and obstacles that I face on a daily basis, especially when they are overwhelming. On top of that, I need patience in my life to balance everything out. I need to be patient when dealing with people who are being difficult or when I want progress to happen, but I know sometimes it won't happen instantly. Patience helps me stay calm and be focused in the moment I'm in.

Being mindful of who you are being helps you be the best version of you. Plus, it propels you towards the person you deeply wish to be.

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