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Hello friends!

As 2014 comes to a close, I’d like to share with you the best notes of the year. All of these notes came straight from my heart and others found these to be very valuable. My goal has always been to provide insights that help people in their daily lives (and even more so in 2015!).

Until then, here are the notes that people found the most insightful, interesting, and valuable:

5 Career Tips I wish I Knew at 21
This is my way of sharing with you the best career advice I’ve learned over the years.

7 Strategies to Raise Happy Kids
As a parent of young kids, I always wondered how to raise my kids to be happy. So I did some research and here is what I found. (Those of you who are parents or planning to be parents will find this insightful.)

5 Reasons Why Laughter is Good for You
As an adult, I sometimes take things too seriously. This is my way of reminding myself and others like me that it’s okay to laugh; it’s good for you. :)

27 Life Lessons I’ve Learned Up Until Now
From my birth to now, I’ve had plenty of valuable life experiences. This note shares with you the lessons I’ve gained (sometimes the hard way) up until now.

8 Great Habits for Both Work and Life
At first, these habits may seem common sense, but you’ll be surprised how many people don’t practice them consistently. These habits were part of a business training that benefited myself and others. They will benefit you too.

103 Quotes for Everyday Motivation
I like quotes and so do a lot of people I know. As a gift to you, here is an e-book packed with motivational quotes.

Fear Can’t Be Eliminated; It Must Be Managed. Here’s How to Do it.
Fear keeps a lot of people I know from living the life they dream of. It’s always a factor, but it can be minimized. Here’s how you can keep fear to a minimum.

How to Thrive in the 21st Century Workforce

This is not about software or coding, it’s about the skills we all need in the ever-changing economy. Practicing these skills will keep you competitive in our evolving workforce.

How to Combat Procrastination in 6 Simple Steps
Procrastination is a demon I’ve faced since 6th grade. It has been a hurdle for me to overcome. Here’s the best way I’ve found to combat procrastination.

Tired? This is Why Rest is Imperatively Important

Hard work is important, so is rest. There are so many benefits; it’s good to remind yourself to take a break.

Happy New Year! Cheers to a GREAT Year!


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