How To Have a Good Day Every Day

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For all of us, there are good days and there are others that aren't so good. There are days when good things happen, and naturally we tend to think of those days as good.

That's a trap that a lot of us fall into. We sometimes think that having a good day is dependent on something external. It could be something like receiving good news, winning a prize, or spending time with a loved one. For example, someone might think, "Today is payday, so that makes today good," or "If I make X amount of sales today, then today will be good." The danger in that type of thinking is that it makes other days feel not-so-good. If paydays are awesome, then days that we don't get paid aren't, which isn't necessarily true. 

The reality is that good things and not-so-good things happen every single day. Life is a complex mix of these things. It's not simplistic where good things only happen on good days and bad things happen only on bad days. Having a good day shouldn't be dependent on what happens during that day.

Every day can be a good day. All you have to do is consciously decide that today is a good day no matter what happens. It's a powerful and courageous act of optimism that shows that you choose to perceive the day as good even if something bad happened. It's an empowering decision to make this day good for you, even if others choose to label it otherwise. 

Dr. Phil wrote in his book Life Strategies that there is no reality, only perception. How we interpret our world defines our reality. 

For example, each morning I tell myself something like, "Today will be a good day. No matter what happens, I'm' going to do all I can to do as much good as I can. It's going to be a good day because I choose to make it so."

Of course, there are some days that we consider to be better than others. There are the days we have more free time, spend more time with family and friends, or experience a life-changing event. There are great days in which more good things happen in our lives than on average. Those great days may make other days seem like bad days, but that's simply untrue. They're still good days. Whether we have a good, great, or not-so-good day, every day is still indisputably a good day.

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