Distractions are Everywhere. Here's Why Being Present in the Moment is Important.

The other morning, my 4 month old son woke up in his crib in a pretty good mood. He didn't wake up screaming, crying, or needing to be changed, so I was thankful for that.  Even more, I was thankful that he was in a pretty good mood.

He was smiling at me.  He was laughing with his little baby chuckles.  He was waving his arms and legs in excitement as if he was dancing. He was having fun. It was awesome.

Part of me wanted to take a picture and post it on Facebook and Instagram. I wanted to share the moment with my friends and family.  But in doing that, I would've distracted myself and disrupted this beautiful moment.  To take the picture, I'd have to go to the other room to get my phone, which could've ruined the moment.  I could see my little happy kid watch me walk away and wonder, "Where the hell did Daddy go?" and freak out.  Then I'd have to actually take the picture by sticking my phone right in front of his face (which he hates). Imagine being a happy kid, with a big smile on his face, spending time with his dad and then a big electronic thingy hovers right above your face and you can't see anything else.  Would you still be smiling? I probably wouldn't either.

Even if I got him to smile, the pictures probably wouldn't have been pretty.  It's dark in the room, so the pictures would look tinted. Since he was moving so much, most of the pictures would have been somewhat blurry.  I might've wasted a few minutes trying to take the perfect shot.  Good thing I didn't.

So I just decided to sit there, smile, and enjoy it.  I knew I wouldn't have a digital souvenir to look at later, but eh, it's alright.  I was fully present. Both physically and mentally, I was giving my infant son my full attention.

It showed him that this moment was important, and so was he.

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