How To Combat Procrastination in 6 Simple Steps

If you're reading this and procrastinating from doing something important, stop it! You know who you are. If you think note is for you, then it probably is.  

This note is written with the most caring and understanding intention; I'm a huge procrastinator myself. I understand what it's like to put things off until the last minute, feel the adrenaline rush of an impending deadline, and the high of getting it done right on time. It's like being a daredevil with deadlines.

I also know the feeling of putting things off until "tomorrow." By saying that, it helps us be mindful of what is directly in front of our eyes.  On the other hand, it creates the possibility that we could forget what we needed to do "tomorrow." Sometimes what we planned to do tomorrow turns into "next week," "next month," "next year," or the ever dreadful "one of these days."

But fear not my friend, we're in this together.  I want you to reach your goals and build the life you dream of.  Here are some tips to help us combat procrastination:
#1: Break down the task to lessen the sense of being overwhelmed (especially when it seems impossible).
#2: Create a detailed timeline with specific deadlines. (Writing it down works best.) 
#3: Visualize the future you want. (Imagine what it would be like after you succeeded.)
#4: Eliminate the temptation to do something else. (ex: Facebook, TV, Instagram, food).
#5: Build accountability. (Get a buddy or tell others about your goals.)
#6: Get a grip and just do it (now)! 
Life rewards action, not inaction.  Good luck!

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