Disney Daze (19 Timeless Black & White Photographs of the Magic Kingdom)

One thing about Disneyland that I find fascinating is that it appeals to practically everyone.

Every time I've been to there, I see people young, old(er), and almost everyone in between enjoying themselves.  There are people not just from around the country, but around the world who come there for fun and recreation with their family.  It's amazing seeing the wide variety of people who go there for the "magic."

A trip to Disneyland means so many things to so many people. For most, it's a place to have fun.  For others, it's a place to spend time with family. Ever since the park opened in 1955, going there has become a rite of passage for many youth. Others love the rides, shows, and other attractions, while there are people who just love everything there. No matter the reason people go there, memories are made for all.

The pictures below attempt to capture frozen moments in time.  Like memories, these pictures are meant to be timeless. (Click on a picture to enlarge.)

Main Street Train Station
Main Street, USA
Main Street, USA
Town Square
The front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle
The rear of Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Dumbo the Flying Elephant
The Matterhorn

"it's a small world"
Mickey's Toontown
Astro Orbitor
Fantasy Faire
The Royal Theatre
Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island (left) and the Mark Twain Riverboat (right)
Haunted Mansion
Splash Mountain
The bridge to Fantasy Faire
The statues of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse in Town Square

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