Tired? This is Why Rest is Imperatively Important

Sometimes I work so much that I forget what rest feels like. I regularly forget to take a break. In the office, being productive consumes by brainpower and almost all my focus.  Sometimes I forget to take a break.  Unfortunately, in our contemporary society, working (especially overworking) is usually applauded and breaks usually are misinterpreted as unproductively.  I can't help but be influenced by the environment I live in, so during the day, I work, grind, and be ready to repeat the next day.

When I get home, another shift starts.  Dinner, dishes, chores, bath time,  and more chores wait for me.  I know I can't get it all done (it's a never-ending cycle), but I try to finish as much as I can before it's time to go to bed.  Often I crave to have just some time to be lazy on the couch, watch some of my favorite shows, and not think. 

Balance is the key to success.  I know that I need to rest more to keep myself energized, but not too much, which would be unproductive.  

Knowing that I've worked myself almost to the breaking point of exhaustion, here are some reasons why I need to re-prioritize rest:
  • According to COCO-MAT, sleep keeps our heart healthy, reduces stress, reduces chronic inflammation, makes us more active, boosts memory, can help us lose weight, makes us smarter, reduces the risk of depression, and helps our body replenish.
  • Dr. Matthew Edlund states that active rest "can make you more alert and effective, reduce stress levels and give you a better chance of a healthier and longer life."
  • Ultra Marathon Man Dean Karnazes says that rest keeps your performance from dipping and gives you a mental edge.


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