Parents Can't Control Everything. Here's Why It's Okay.

This past week, my two kids have been miserable.  My two year old and three month old sons have been taking turns being snot machines with a roller coaster fever.  Coughs are a common sound around the clock.  They're both past the worst part of it now.  When it was bad, it was really bad.  They both would be cranky and frustrated at their discomfort.

As their dad, it was really hard seeing them so miserable.  It's truly heartbreaking watching my two year old cry in his bed because he's achy or watch my three month old scream and struggle in my arms.

My spouse and I put a lot of effort into having as healthy of a lifestyle for our family as possible, but it was inevitable.  Our kids were going to (and still will) get sick; it's an essential part of life. 

To me, this is preparation for the rest of parenthood. This is how I prepare myself to be comfortable with feeling vulnerable.  I recognize that for the rest of my kids' lives, I can't protect them from everything that comes their way. I don't have total control of what goes on in their lives. That would be impossible (and illogical). There are going to be times when my boys are hurt, miserable, or suffering. Much of that will be out of my control, and that's okay.

My kids need to learn to be independent, responsible, and self-sufficient.  I believe they'll get there eventually. Right now, as they lay ill, I have to put faith and trust that they will be alright. I can't control everything; I can only do the best that I can do. I can be as loving and as supporting as I can be. This isn't just a good mentality for when they're sick, but for the rest of their lives.

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