To a True Friend

Dear friend,
No matter how things go,
I want you to know
You always have my love.

Even if we haven't talked in a while,
I often think back to our old times,
Those memories that make me smile. 

I still support all of your dreams. 
I want you to go for what truly makes you happy,
especially now, no matter how overwhelming it seems. 

I want you to know that I haven't forgotten
Our friendship is still (and will always be) here,
it hasn't turned rotten. 

You have always been a friend forever true. 
The world would be much better
if there were more friends like you. 

About this poem:
This poem was inspired by one of my college friends that I consider very dear to my heart.  I look up to him as a role model and even though we talk mostly on Facebook, I still consider him a good friend.  I've learned that our lives constantly change with the different stages of our lives and the people that surround us change too, but I still consider all of my past friends my friends.

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