Poetry is Absolutely Awesome. This is Why.

Words are arguably the most common way that we communicate with each other. We speak them, write them, read them, hear them, and think through them. Words are powerful enough to build bonds and start movements. The beauty of words are that they can spread messages of love, hope, and peace. They portray what we feel and what we can imagine in countless ways. 

Poetry is my favorite way to use words. It creatively packs maximum meaning into carefully chosen and artfully crafted words and phrases. While there are "rules" for poetry, there is full allowance for playful experimentation. Poetry evolves over time. It flexes to fit the message, emotion, or idea attempting to be conveyed. Poetry is words in its most beautiful form. 

I first fell head over heels in love with poetry in my British Literature class my senior year in high school. We read Shakespeare's Sonnet 116 and my teacher discussed with us it's deeper meaning. My mind was blown. I couldn't believe that Shakespeare described feelings of love in such a uncommonly colorful and deep way. I couldn't believe that so much meaning was in a page of lines. I kept thinking about it. What Shakespeare wrote could apply to anyone and everyone. It could be discussed and interpreted in so many ways. That day changed my life. 

To this day, Sonnet 116 is my absolute favorite poem. When I write, I aspire to achieve that same level of awesomeness.

April is National Poetry Month. Help us support the American Cancer Society, EARTHWORKS and Reading is Fundamental.


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