Dear Friend: You Will Find Love Again

Dear friend,
Don't despair,
I know your heart is in repair. 
And you're angry at the world,
but trust me...
      You will find love again. 

You were scorned
and now think that a fairy tale fantasy
can never be your story,
but the truth is...
      it never is for anybody. 

Everyone finds love in different ways. 
And almost obviously,
you won't find love until you find love,
so don't complain about not being there yet. 

Love is a process. 
Love is a journey. 
Embrace the ride;
      Heartbreak and joy and all. 

About this poem:
This poem is dedicated to one of my friends who is dealing with the emotional aftermath following a divorce.  She has almost lost all hope for finding a happy relationship, but I want to remind her that there is always hope.


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