On Procrastination

Procrastination is
the bundle of excuses I tell myself
to convince myself
that there is still more time.

It is the shield I use
to keep myself gloriously busy
by keeping my to-do list ever expanding.

I need to stop waiting
      for the right moment to come,
            for a sign
            or to feel inspired,
                  and just start doing it.

Waiting won't make it happen,
                      only action ever will.

About this poem:
Ever since 6th grade, procrastination is one of the things I have an internal conflict with every single day.  It's something that I don't think will ever be cured or fixed, but managed every day by actively putting forth effort.  Action is more productive than inaction.


This is What Determines Success or Failure. It's Made All the Difference to Me.


About this poem:
There is an unconfirmed story that Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a story using only six words. This is what he came up with: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." True or not, I challenged myself to write a poem using only one word.  My goal was to infuse it with as much meaning as possible.  This is what I came up with.


Failure & Endurance

Today I failed. 
So tomorrow I'll try harder. 
I know I'm better than this. 
Tomorrow I'll think smarter. 

As hard as the tasks may be,
I'm going to push harder.
If I get stuck in hopelessness,
I'm going to be a self-starter. 

In the face of disaster,
I'll move faster
and better myself
for each skill to master. 

I will thrive
and do more than just get by.
I may or may not succeed,
but either way I need to try.

About this poem:
This poem was inspired by the resilience of the human spirit that allows us to overcome obstacles on a daily basis.  


Green Planet

As far as I understand it,
This is our only planet;
the one place we have to live. 

No matter where you move, 
that is what you have to call home. 
The grass is only green 
where you ensure it's grown. 

To a True Friend

Dear friend,
No matter how things go,
I want you to know
You always have my love.

Even if we haven't talked in a while,
I often think back to our old times,
Those memories that make me smile. 

I still support all of your dreams. 
I want you to go for what truly makes you happy,
especially now, no matter how overwhelming it seems. 

I want you to know that I haven't forgotten
Our friendship is still (and will always be) here,
it hasn't turned rotten. 

You have always been a friend forever true. 
The world would be much better
if there were more friends like you. 

About this poem:
This poem was inspired by one of my college friends that I consider very dear to my heart.  I look up to him as a role model and even though we talk mostly on Facebook, I still consider him a good friend.  I've learned that our lives constantly change with the different stages of our lives and the people that surround us change too, but I still consider all of my past friends my friends.

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The Movement

Let's make some noise!
We can play in the snow
and play really loud
      to the point where
      everyone can hear us
      (and then they'll know).

And when they hear it,
they'll have to smile.
Trust me,
it'll make all the effort
      worth all its while.

We can play loudly
(we might just need to be).
And when we yell,
You and I can smile proudly.

About this poem:
This poem is a call to action.  It's calling people to join a movement or start something meaningful.  Just as we ask other kids to play with us as kids, we ask people to join us for any given reason throughout our whole lives.


Trust Me and I'll Bloom

If I can do it,
then let me do it.
Telling me to do it your way
may or may not be the best way,
but it's getting in my way.

Micromanaging me
is quite possibly
the most annoyingly
irritating thing someone can do.

Just trust me.
I can handle responsibility.
      I can do it.
      I won't let you down.
      Let me fly and I'll show you what I can do.

About this poem:
Most people I know don't like to be micromanaged.  I know it may be necessary at times, but I believe in order for people to thrive in any workplace, they need to have autonomy and control over responsibilities instead of being controlled.  


To Hope

I hope you know
      that you saved my life
      countless times.

You're a treasure
      that I wish to keep
      and give away abundantly.

You are the beat of the drum,
      the symbol of the heart
      and the force of all that is good.

About this poem:
Hope fascinates me because it is an underrated virtue.  Many people tend to think of it as passive waiting, but hope is a strong force in surviving tough times and accomplishing worthwhile goals.


To Love

I'm glad you found me,
or is it that I found you?

Either way,
we found each other;
                  almost unbelievably,
                 but eventually
                        collided in
                         astonishing wonder...

About this poem:
It's always fascinating to me when I hear stories of how two people find love.  It's their unique way that they found each other at the right time in their lives.  Thinking about all the people in this world and how many people there were in the past, I am still amazed when people find love.

Dear Friend: You Will Find Love Again

Dear friend,
Don't despair,
I know your heart is in repair. 
And you're angry at the world,
but trust me...
      You will find love again. 

You were scorned
and now think that a fairy tale fantasy
can never be your story,
but the truth is...
      it never is for anybody. 

Everyone finds love in different ways. 
And almost obviously,
you won't find love until you find love,
so don't complain about not being there yet. 

Love is a process. 
Love is a journey. 
Embrace the ride;
      Heartbreak and joy and all. 

About this poem:
This poem is dedicated to one of my friends who is dealing with the emotional aftermath following a divorce.  She has almost lost all hope for finding a happy relationship, but I want to remind her that there is always hope.



Bloom like a flower
do it everyday
within that 
every hour

Bloom and grow tall
be beautiful
directly for yourself
and indirectly for all

Be like the flower
Bloom with beauty
and with power

About this poem:
This poem was inspired by a friend's Facebook post comparing people to flowers. There are a lot they have in common: beauty, nature, and life.  


To the "Me" I Used to Be

To the young child I used to be:
I wonder what you'd think 
if now you looked at me. 

Would you think drastically
everything turned out 
as a catastrophe?
Or would you look forward to
growing up to becoming
me enthusiastically?

My path didn't turn out 
how you dreamed it to be
(but it's close enough)
and soon you'll see
I'm living life ever happily. 

About this poem:
This poem was inspired when I looked and both my children and thought about my responsibility as their role model.  I wondered how they viewed me and how that has been affecting their upbringing.  Then I thought about myself and wondered what the young me would think about me as an adult.



What is "reality"?
Is it a fraction of existence 
that only I see?

Perhaps "reality" is
an illusion of imagination 


There is freedom,
not in having less,
but in needing less. 

You are all you need. 

There is freedom 
in playing;
wildly and carelessly

Let the child inside out to play. 

There is freedom
in singing loudly 
and dancing proudly. 

Be free to live freely. 

There is freedom
in letting go. 
Unless you try it
you'll never know. 

Pure Poetry

Poetry is
literature's form most purest. 
It is to be
read, spoken, written
and lived to the utmost surest. 

Love is poetry of the heart;
Knowledge is poetry of the mind;
Wisdom is the poetry of life. 
Beauty you seek, poetry you'll find. 

Ode to Today

To this beautiful day,
I'd like to say
thank  you for letting me see
all the possible beauty in front of me. 

In the sobering light,
all in front of my eyes 
glisten with colors bright

Heart Wish (Lune.2)

May the love
you seek be the love
you eventually find.


Wish for All (Lune.1)

May the life
you lead bring you to


Enduring Grit

All this will NOT be broken up!
Everything has the power to endure. 
My determination is more than enough!
Fear is the disease; Hope is the cure. 

There will be no still standing;
idleness is too pricey. 
There will be either walking or dancing
moving forward so nicely. 

There is immense scenery,
not just at the end,
but during the whole odyssey. 

Heart (in) Tune

I love my
love with a burning fury

Process of Hope

For a long time,
perhaps the longest time,
I kept hope hidden in a bottle.

A tragic deed

"mistake" by perception
I did what needed to be done.

Time lapsed

immeasurable moments passed.
Time to erupt at last.

(I'm ready...)

I hold hope tightly with both hands
Let myself be powerfully vulnerable,
everyone along my journey understands.

What can be more amazing

than hope unleashed?
Hope holds infinite possibilities
that can ever be pushed and reached.

Ode to Sleep

Sleep is a treasure
that can't be bought. 
Rest needs peace of mind
and a comforting thought. 

Sleep is rest for dreams. 
It's far more significant

Night Cycle

It's night.

I just might
talk to my dreams again. 


I might dance in the darkness

I might sing from/to my soul

I might love with laughter

(or maybe all of the above)


For now I get a break
until tomorrow,

Beauty is My Bride

I say this with pride:
this can't be denied;
Beauty is my bride. 

She touches with gentle hands. 
as no one else understands. 

She speaks softly and lives loudly,
She is who I am
and I say this ever so proudly:

In Silence

Sometimes I enjoy silence. 

It's the presence of peace;
serenity in the stillness. 

In silence,
I get to be me,
      without judgement
            or criticism. 

Just able to think freely,
      feel freely,
stretch out without expectation. 

I can just sit with myself. 
Wonderful weird me