Why I Can't Hate Fred Phelps

This poem was written in response to learning that Fred Phelps, the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, died yesterday. He has been painted as a hateful man whose homophobic teachings and anti-gay protests turned people away from religion. Although I don't agree with any of his actions, I can't rejoice in his passing. It's still not the end of homophobia. I saw him as a lost soul who desperately needed help. Hopefully he made peace before his passing. 

Love > Hate

I can't hate those who hate. 
It doesn't diminish the problems;
just makes them escalate. 

I could forgive those who hate. 
By my example 
       they could learn kindness,
Wouldn't that be great?

I should love all,
      especially those who hate. 
Hate and love are choices;
it's not sealed by fate. 


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