My Friends Need To Read This Right Now

Throughout my life, I've been very lucky in the fact that I've made many friends. Over the years, I've made more friends than I could count. I can honestly say that every single one of them has made a significant impact in my life. Right now as I write this, I'm thinking of all the people I've met at school, work, and anywhere else. Many of them I've known for years, some for a few weeks. Some I talk to often; some once in a while. There are others I haven't talked to in years. Still, they're all not forgotten.

For some reason,when I reflect on my life, I often think of the people who have made me this way. Maybe I'm going through another quarter life crisis, maybe. Anyway, it's the truth. All of my friends throughout my whole life have helped mold who I am. These were the people who were with me during my adolescent days when I was plagued with immaturity. They were the people that taught me my life lessons and/or helped get me through them. These were the people whose conversations opened my mind to new possibilities. They were the ones who really taught me the real power of friendship. They were also the ones who made my life more fun and added a whole lot of flavor to it.

I know life is a HUGE distraction. People move far away. People become really involved in growing their careers. People start a family and become engulfed with family life. Even though I haven't seen or talked to most of my friends in a while, it doesn't mean that I love them any less. I like to think of all our lives as an interconnected matrices of life stages. Sometimes our life lines intersect. Sometimes they don't. Other times our lives run parallel. I believe that when our lines intersect, it's for a reason. When they don't, it's also for a reason, but it isn't necessarily bad. Sometimes it's needed to grow. And when our lives reconnect, it's awesome for so many awesome reasons.

This is my way of saying that I'm thankful for all my friends (yes, you). I'm grateful for all that you've all given me. I cherish my memories with all of you. You're in no way forgotten and I hope to reconnect with you soon.


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