Dear Son: "Welcome to this Wonderful World!"

To My Newborn Son,

Welcome to this wonderful world! I know you're a few days old and don't know too much about this place, but let me tell you, it's absolutely awesome!

It's a place full of enchantments and possibilities. Anyone can be who they dare to be if they dream bold enough.  This is where hope is infused everywhere everyday. Beautiful babies (just like you) are born here everyday.

The people here are utterly amazing.  Everyone is born with unlimited potential; sometimes people forget that.  I have always constantly been surprised at the beauty of the human spirit.  When bad things happen, there are always good people helping.  Friendship, love, and charity bring out the best in people.

This place has so much in store for you.  There are so many places to see.  This world has so much culture and natural wonders that I have barely touched a fraction of it.  Here there are beaches to run through and watch sunsets.  Everywhere you are, you can look up at starry nights and see the spectacular infinite universe.  

Here there are countless books filled with stories that will expand your mind to its limitless potential.  Books are best enjoyed shared with other people or alone with a good cup of coffee (when you're old enough).

Here there are all types of music; beautiful music that touches hearts and moves people in extraordinary ways.  There is music to dance to, sit and enjoy personal time with, and express your point of view and emotions with.  

This place isn't perfect, but it doesn't make it any less wonderful.  Welcome home.




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