After You Read This, You Should Definitely Be Smiling

Right now I have a huge smile on my face. I usually do throughout my days. Some people might think that I'm really happy. Some may think that I'm a little weird. The truth is, I don't smile because I'm happy (which is the truth most of the time); I smile for me and the people in this world I live in. 

I smile as an act of power in a mixed up world. I smile towards a world with a lot of oppression and depression. I smile to give hope and happiness to those who see me. I smile in the face of frustration. I smile because I refuse to give others the power to bring me down. 

I smile to create happiness where there might not be. It might be where it is needed the most. A simple smile can brighten up any friend or stranger's day.  Who knows, my smile can spark someone to smile or a chain reaction of smiles. There is always something to smile about. (I usually remind myself that I'm alive and have everything I need to be perfectly happy.)

My plan for today, tomorrow, and the day after that is to smile as much as I can. :)


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