Morning Rush (a provocative poem)

Smell this morning;
Feel the cool air 
rush across my face...

Wake up!
(Guzzle coffee if you have to)

There are things to be done!
People to see,
things to do,
classes to teach,
and people to reach.
There's so much to do!

I've got dreams to dare
and good news to share;
there's always so much to do!

Coffee won't drink itself
and my life
      won't live itself. 

Time waits for no one,
especially me:
I've got an awesome somebody to be.


Something You Don't Realize If You're Inside All Day

Today is a damn beautiful day. When I first stepped outside, I felt like I walked into anion her realm. I felt something that I'm not used to feeling. Then it hit me: I rarely get to enjoy the afternoon sunshine. 

I know that too much exposure to the sun isn't good at all (skin cancer and sunburns make no one happy), but there is something inherently rejuvenating about being exposed to the outside world. 

During the weekdays, I spend most of my time away from the sun. I work indoors. There are windows, but they're tinted and have shades. On the way to the office, the sun is coming up. On the odyssey home, the sun is going down. By the time I get home, it's usually dark. Once in a while I get lucky and get a glimpse of the sunshine for a few minutes. The only time I REALLY get to experience the true beauty of the sunshine is on the weekends. 

This is what brings me to here and now. This moment is spectacular. What I see is a beautiful piece of artwork formed by life itself. As rarely as I get to see it, I damn appreciate it. 


How are You Feeling? It's Beautiful. Here's Why.

All emotions are beautiful, even the ones that aren't synonymous with happiness. People tend to think that it's not good to be in any type of grief, anger, or depression. Sometimes it takes people years to realize that it's perfectly fine to not always be ecstatically happy.

Human emotions are wonderfully complex. There are as many adjectives to describe my range of moods as there are shades of color. Our emotional state of being is a reflection of our present circumstance, the factors that brought us there, and our reaction to it all.

When a tragedy occurs, it's healthy to react in a way that's emotionally appropriate. If there is a death of a loved one, one is expected to be in mourning. It would be considered out of the ordinary if one rejoiced instead. 

Every negative emotion is part of the healing process. It's exactly what people need to go through in order to get to a state of happy. Ignoring these emotions eats away at our souls. Bottling it up inside creates a tumor that threatens our happiness. 

Happiness is beautiful, but without other emotions, how would we ever know what happiness truly is?


If You Regret Your "Mistakes," Then You Need to Read This.

"Our bravest and best lessons are not learned through success, but through misadventure."
- Amos Bronson Alcott

Is there ever such a thing as a "wrong direction" in life? There is such a thing as shorter or more direction, but is it "wrong" to take an alternative route?

There are so many ways to live life that trying to find what works for us is a life-long process of trial and error. At times, it's a dance of reflecting, restrategizing, and trying again. What works for some people (including myself) doesn't necessarily work for everyone (still including myself).

We all have our own unique background and personality, and we use those during our life experiences to define who we are.  My "mistakes" are really life lessons. If going in the "wrong direction" makes me wiser, stronger, more experienced, and eventually leads me to where I need to be, then maybe it is the right direction after all.


After You Read This, You Should Definitely Be Smiling

Right now I have a huge smile on my face. I usually do throughout my days. Some people might think that I'm really happy. Some may think that I'm a little weird. The truth is, I don't smile because I'm happy (which is the truth most of the time); I smile for me and the people in this world I live in. 

I smile as an act of power in a mixed up world. I smile towards a world with a lot of oppression and depression. I smile to give hope and happiness to those who see me. I smile in the face of frustration. I smile because I refuse to give others the power to bring me down. 

I smile to create happiness where there might not be. It might be where it is needed the most. A simple smile can brighten up any friend or stranger's day.  Who knows, my smile can spark someone to smile or a chain reaction of smiles. There is always something to smile about. (I usually remind myself that I'm alive and have everything I need to be perfectly happy.)

My plan for today, tomorrow, and the day after that is to smile as much as I can. :)


Our Relationship Is a Lot Like This Dessert

The other day, when we were sharing a treat, I came to a profound realization: You and I are like ice cream and coffee. Individually we are uniquely awesome.  We have different flavors and textures, and that's perfectly okay. It's funny how I saw a reflection of our relationship in the very thing we shared. 

Like espresso and vanilla ice cream, together we are undeniably amazing.  We compliment each other as only peanut butter and jelly or sea salt and freshly cracked pepper can. The combination of both our flavors create a distinct synergy that can't be replicated any other way. 

Just like us, when coffee and ice cream are paired with each other, it makes me genuinely happy. 


If You Think Today is Another Ordinary Day, You Need to Read This.

Welcome to another day my friend.  Actually, think of it as a brand new day in a brand new world.  Everything is different.  Everything is a day older.  Each person (including you and me) might be a day wiser.  With each step forward, you're taking an act of courage towards who you are going to be.

Anything could happen today: and it just might.  Imagine it.  Dare to swim through the dream.  Today is when you can do anything you always wanted to do.  Let this be a reminder that you have what is necessary to make it all happen.

There will be no other day like today.