This is Why I'm Making Myself a Top Priority

Sometimes I forget that this is my life.  It's easy to let my work schedule and personal to do list dictate how I live day by day.  At times, time goes by so fast in a blur that I feel like I've been on autopilot.

I know that part of it stems from my choice to live for others.  I put my wife and kids' needs before my own.  As an educator, I willingly chose to serve my students by providing them the best education possible.  I need to remind myself more often that if I don't take care of myself, I'm in no place to help others.  If I'm not at 100%, let's say for example 60%, then I can only be 60% effective when I'm working with other people.  By not taking care of myself, I'm doing them a disservice.  Everyone in my life needs me to take care of me.

I always have to remember that this life is mine to experience.  What is all around me is a result of my decisions, actions, and inactions.  With each moment, I'm writing my autobiography.

As a reminder to myself, I'm proclaiming: this is MY life.  Only I get to make my decisions.  No one else lives in my skin.  Only I get the responsibility and honor of defining what my life is.


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