Perks of Being a Dreamer

I can't help it; I am undeniably a dreamer.  I dare to dream wildly.  I've challenged my heart to be selfish and tell me what it truly desires.  My dream is my dream, no matter how highly improbable it may seem.

"Impossible" is a flawed human concept.  What is normally considered "impossible" is just highly improbable, but still possible.  That possibility is enough to give anyone hope.

I am the type of person who will go for a goal without knowing how to get there. My determination is the key.  I don't need previous evidence to show me that it can be done.  Believing is enough.  If everyone waited for someone else to reach a goal first before trying themselves, then no one would ever accomplish anything worthwhile.

Being a dreamer has made me illogically optimistic.

There is good in everyone, and I wholeheartedly believe it.  Even if a person seems villainous, I tell myself that this person is a tortured soul who is acting out of deeply rooted anger and pain.  Beneath all that is a good person waiting to be set free.

It's easy to think that the world is falling apart.  Despite all that, I believe that there is so much good out there in the world.  Just when I think I've seen it all or think there isn't any more good in the world, somehow something surprises me.  I get a humbling reminder that I don't know everything and to keep an open mind.

Today and every day, I await adventure guided by my dreams.


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