New Year's Resolution: Be More Illogically Optimistic

This is one New Year's resolution that is probably at the top of my list of life improvements.  This year, I will be more illogically optimistic than ever before.  As silly as it sounds, I seriously mean it.  What I mean by this is that I want to be positive in situations that logically look negative.

I want to look at any overwhelming task/goal and confidently say, "Eh, I can do it."

In history, great achievements came from people who dared to go for what they believed in, even if it looked like the odds weren't in their favor.  Martin Luther King Jr. worked for equal rights in the American South during the Civil Rights Movement.  (His vision was actually much bigger than that.) At that time, any type of victory for civil rights seemed illogical, but eventually African Americans won the right to vote and legal segregation came to a close.  

That's just one of numerous examples taken from history. This year I am to develop that sense of bold vision and determination that King had.  I plan to go for my deepest and wildest dreams, no matter how illogical they seem.  


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