Maybe We're Time Lords After All

In the recent events of New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, I couldn't help but notice that people (myself included) were highly excited about the ideas of "starting over" and "having a new beginning."  On New Year's Eve, people were making amends with the past and making goals and resolutions for the future.  January 1st was the day to start making them happen.

The notion of having a continuous fresh start reminds me of the Doctor from the British TV show, Doctor Who. The Doctor is a space and time traveling alien Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. Whenever the Doctor is close to death, he "regenerates" into a new body.  He is given a new body, face, personality, and another life. Each regeneration of the Doctor is played by a different actor. He (so far) has been played by 13 different actors, each giving him a unique personality twist while still somehow maintaining consistency.

Ever time the Doctor regenerates, not only does the Doctor get a fresh start, but so does the show.  Supporting characters leave.  New friends get introduced.  New villains emerge. New adventures await.      Fans of the show get excited to see what the "new" Doctor brings to the show and how it will change the direction of the overall storyline.  Maybe this formula of perpetual freshness is a reason why the show has been growing in popularity since 1963.  

Outside of the show, we have our own symbolic regeneration every New Year's Eve when the clock strikes midnight.  It's when we grant ourselves a fresh start and "regenerate" to a better version of ourselves.


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