Growing Up, Vegetables Were My Enemies. This Year, They Will Be My Allies.

I'd really like to avoid being an unhealthy old man as much as possible. More and more, the thought of being a helpless senior citizen riddled with health problems sounds a little scary.  I know that I am what I eat, so this year, I plan on eating healthier. 

I said that I'd eat "healthier," meaning healthier than last year, preferably more than ever before, but I'll consider a small victory still a victory. I could instantly turn into someone who instantly and completely eats a 100% local organic food all day every day (that would be cool), but such a dramatic change would be harder to implement and consistently keep up. I know myself well enough to plan in small steps. 

In the past few years, I've drastically reduced the amount of fast food I eat (almost none), cooking fresh food at home, and incorporating more whole grains and organic ingredients.  This year, I need to eat more vegetables.

For most of my life, I've battled with vegetables.  As a kid, I always ate them last.  It wasn't because I wanted to savor it, it was just because I procrastinated to eat it.  My mom would have to bribe me to eat them (aka I was stuck at the dinner table until I ate all my vegetables). 

In college I rarely ate vegetables and I remember one of my friends telling me "You're such a boy" for not eating them.  It was until after college I "occasionally" (once in a few months) ate salads.  

Now that I cook a lot of my own meals at home (it is healthier and cheaper than eating out), I do incorporate a little more vegetables as a side dish. I prefer roasting vegetables in the oven, but I know that my vegetable consumption isn't enough.

So this year, I aim to up my vegetable intake.  How much?  I don't really know.  As long as I consume more than last year, I consider that an improvement.  A few weeks ago, my wife got a high powered blender that can pulverize vegetables and fruits into juice.  So far, I've made melon juice blends and carrot juice both with kale incorporated.  For some reason, adding kale to everything makes me feel like I'm eating healthier.  

I know I could do much more to maintain my health when I'm around 90 (hopefully), but this is my focus for this year.

How do you incorporate more vegetables in your diet?  If you have tips, please share in the comments below.


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