This is What Goes Through My Mind Every Time I Eat

Every time I eat anything, it's a humbling experience. Eating is the act of receiving something that will physically provide me with the nutrients required to live.

At restaurants, I'm thankful that someone put the time and effort to make a delicious dish for me. Even though I'm paying for it, I still know that the chefs, cooks, and servers are putting work into giving me a good experience at their establishment. When I'm singing with my family and friends, I'm thankful that we just get to enjoy the benefits of their effort without worrying about cooking or the cleanup. 

There is also nothing like it when other people make food for me, whether it be at their home or a potluck.  Sometimes they make their specialty and want me to experience the benefits of their cooking skills. Other times they make an ethnic dish and share their culture. Usually people also make dishes that are important to them. Sometimes there is a significant memory or family tradition behind it. Whichever way it's made, it's made from the heart. 

When I make food at home, I reflect on how fortunate I am. Looking at the food as I cook or clean it, I think about how blessed I am to have food. I'm grateful that I have enough food for myself and my family knowing that world hunger still exists. I think about the chemicals in processes fast food and appreciate that I actually do have healthy food in the fridge. While preparing breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I constantly think about how happy I am to be able to serve this to my family. 

With all my food, it came from the hard work of others. Someone had to grow it , pick it, maybe cook it and prepare it. With every bite, I am getting the luxury that many people aren't afforded. With that in mind, I'm thankful.


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