The Past is a Neutral Story. You Define Its Meaning.

Maybe I watch too much Doctor Who.  The British show starring a space and time traveling alien has a consistent saying that "time can be rewritten." (It's true most of the time on the show.)

As 2013 draws to a close, people (including myself) engage in self-reflection and think of plans and goals for the upcoming year.  Not only do I usually reflect on the past year, but my whole life so far.

Like all humans, I make mistakes.  Sometimes I have a nasty habit of dwelling on them.  Every day I make significant efforts to reconcile my past so I can brighten my future.

I've been told that the past is made up of neutral events; we give them meaning.  I've also been told that the past is just a story; we can choose to tell it in a way that empowers us or not.  If we view our own history as a negative disaster, it is.  If we see it as a learning lesson, then that's what it is.

We can be like the Doctor: we can rewrite our own history to empower us for a hopeful future.


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