Keeping Your Heart Open

by Mariya Dondonyan
Guest Author

After the world gives us plenty of reasons to close our hearts and completely shut out from the world, it's difficult to find reasons and feelings of trust to open our hearts again. This broken heart reaches not only levels of a lost relationship, but from a lost friendship, family member, co-worker, boss, classmate--all human interactions and relationships. Being heartbroken is not only from a loving partnership, but from all means of meaningful interactions with others. Whether you have just been dumped, got into a deal breaking argument with your roommate, lost a living family member, are being mocked by a colleague or have been scorned by your boss, it is difficult to stay emotionally centered during all of the hurt. 

It is a difficult time in life when somebody does or says something that temps us to close our hearts because their hearts were closed. Yes, I will admit it is hard--but it is also how we grow. We go through these circumstances in order to evolve into people who can subsist with the circumstances and prosper through with an open and happy heart. It's easy to shut down and keep to yourself. After being hurt so many times, you begin to lose hope in all that is good in people. Magnanimous and gracious individuals are hard to come by, and the world seems to continue to challenge our principles by introducing us to arduous people who may or may not be trusted. You will never know if one could be relied on until after you have been hurt. Is there a solution? Why continue to keep your heart open when you know that more often than not, it will be disappointed? 

After a certain amount of time unfortunate events occur to you, you shut others out completely and don't let anyone in. You truly believe that no one else has your best interest in mind and the happiest you will be is with yourself. I have learned to love my own company. After all, if you don't enjoy you're own company, no one else will. And through enjoying my own company, I have come to prefer it. This is great because I am preventing any hurt from entering my life. I am sheltered and protected. No one knows my secrets, no one can use any information against me, no one can hurt me. I'm protecting myself from those whose intentions are not to do good, but then I am also protecting myself from those who could truly love and care for me and want to be part of my life. Blocking others out and preventing them to enter your life can be a negative result from building very high walls. If you don't keep your heart open, you will never have the opportunity to know whether a person you meet is meant to help you or teach you a life lesson. 

The choice is ultimately up to you: either you stay closed off and not leave any room for hurt, disappointment, and unnecessary suffering, yet ruin the possibility of strong relationships, or be an open book and give everyone the starting chance...the benefit of the doubt and test the waters until they have proven themselves or have given you a reason to leave. 

Mariya Dondonyan is The Gracious Lady. Check out her Gracious Thoughts on growing and thriving as an individual and being the best version of you.


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