How Do You Think People Choose to Be Remembered? You Might Be Surprised.

Saturday I went to the funeral of my mother's aunt. For my whole life, I've known her simply as "Grandma Pat." I haven't seen her in years, and it breaks my heart a little knowing that I didn't see her recently before her passing.

During the memorial, I was reminded of how joyful she was. Every time I saw her, she was always really happy. I'm glad that she was like that even when I didn't see her. One thing that was said over and over was that she was one of those lucky people to have both quantity (she lived to be 96) and quality of life. That is quite exemplary. 

Walking to the burial site, I couldn't help but look at all the tombstones that I passed by. Each one represented a human life that existed in this world. It made me think of the question, "What do you want it to say on your tombstone?" It's a questioned aimed at inciting self-reflection and motivation. 

All of the gravestones had names. Most of them said, "Beloved Mother/Father/Grandmother/Grandfather/Brother/Sister."  That is how they chose to be remembered or how their loved ones choose to remember them. Grandma Pat and Grandpa Paul's (He passed 8 years ago and they adorably share a gravestone) says, "Beloved Parents and Grandparents." Looking at the other gravestones, a couple of them contained their military rank.  I found one or two of them with a bible verse on them.  None of them said, "Here lies a person who earned a lot of money" or "This guy was really good at handling paperwork." This made me think about what really was important in life. 

If my gravestone said I was an amazing husband, father, (and possibly grandfather), then I'd be happy. Being a family man would be my life's ultimate accomplishment. I may be known for being an outstanding educator or the founder of Nourishment Notes, but ultimately it's the people in my life that matter most.


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