Fear Destroys Dreams. Here's Why We Need To Conquer It.

What if I told you that being in your comfort zone made you feel safe, but not satisfied?

Being in my comfort zone is, well, comforting. Being in my own personal bubble keeps me feeling relatively "safe." It keeps me safe from risk and the feeling of failure. In my career, staying within my comfort zone keeps me temporarily satisfied knowing that things are stable. In the long run I know I won't be completely satisfied knowing I didn't face certain fears in order to grow and progress.

There are plenty of fears I face every day. The fear of failure permeates almost every aspect. Sometimes I feel small. I'm times I don't feel good enough. No these feelings of inadequacy don't serve me. They get in the way. But I know every obstacle is a growing experience. Every challenge and overcome teaches me a lesson. I need to do is muster up the courage to do it.

Opportunity awaits outside of our comfort zone. 

Think of it this way:
  • Something you want could be achieved by simply asking.
  • What if your dream job was one application away?
  • A new relationship could be on the other side of a phone call.
  • The life you dream of having could be one decision or action away. 


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